Lite-Bike has been tested for safety and carries the CE mark and the GS mark, certified by TUVRheinland Product Safety, a leading safety testing organization which inspects the Lite-Bike production facility annually.


User guide and safety warnings       
Please read carefully and follow instructions to reduce the likelihood of serious or fatal injury

Children should be supervised at all times when playing with this product. Never use this toy in areas of traffic like on road, bicycle trail, in car park, tube station, bus terminal, railway station or railway crossing. This product must not be used near bodies of water like pools, lakes and rivers. This product must not be used near steps and slopes of any incline. Adults must closely supervise riders on pavements and keep within arms reach. Adults must carry the product in hand when crossing the road, walking on stairs or slopes. Helmets and knee pads should be used for rider safety. Riders should wear shoes to prevent injury and keep hands, feet, hair, and loose clothing away from wheels when riding.

Recommended age: 18 month 4 years

Maximum riders: 1

Maximum weight of rider: 23kg

This product is intended for indoor and outdoor use.

Clean with soapy water.


Imported by ToyHunters,
London, England




Materials used: polyethylene, polypropylene, steel, non-toxic paint.

Materials are all recyclable.